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Bouquets of flowers with delivery in Riga and Latvia. Flowers selection for all occasions

If you decide to order flowers (Riga) on the online shop– choose "KROKUS". Our floral studio effectively solves the problem of floral arrangements, taking into account all the wishes of customers, provides fast delivery for a favorable price.

Our team consists of experienced florists, designers, fast suppliers of flowers and bouquets, and responsible carriers. Our vehicles have special equipment to deliver bouquets of flowers always fresh and beautiful.

Peculiarities of ordering bouquets in the online shop in Latvia 

Flower orders in Riga, which can be processed in our online shop, are targeted at satisfying the needs of even the most sophisticated customers. A wide assortment of examples of available flowers allows you to choose classic or original floral arrangements. You may prefer small or multi-flower bouquets, flowers with long or short stems, color combinations of one or more varieties. It’s in our competence to fulfill any need as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Flower order and flower delivery in Riga through leaving request on our website is the most effective solution to buy a beautiful bouquet:

  • Easy choice of compositions in the catalog;
  • Professional advice from experts;
  • Floral arrangements strictly according to required parameters;
  • Payments in a convenient online manner;
  • Delivery to any address within 3 hours after the payment;
  • Pleasant gifts, discounts, loyalty systems;
  • The bouquet recipient will always be surprised by the excellent state of flowers and their aesthetic look.

Should you order flowers online?

You can go to a floral shop at any convenient time, but only according to its operational hours. You can choose the desired bouquet, but only from the available assortment.  You can take the flowers to dear ones, but don’t expect that they won’t fade or become crumpled on your way.

If you order flowers on the online resource in Riga, the experts of our studio "KROKUS" will create and deliver a bouquet just when you need it. When you need to buy flowers (Riga), you can do it one week or day before a celebration, and even if you need flowers in a few hours. In this case, your choice and assortment is limited only by your imagination and wishes. Pictures in the catalog allow you to find out how a finished arrangement will look, but you don’t have to stick to available offers because you can make an original and exquisite choice of rare and usual floral combinations. As a result, you can buy flowers Riga and Latvia affordably and receive a fast delivery in Riga.

The basics of the algorithm of ordering flowers online

We’ve created our website to let everyone view the assortment of floral studio instantly, get professional advice, and request a flower delivery.

To place your flower orders, you can do everything on our online resource:

  • Go to the KROKUS studio web catalog;
  • Use search filters to customize the search according to required parameters;
  • View the assortment and choose the card of a product that you like the most;
  • Click the «Order» button;
  • Choose bouquet parameters among proposed options or specify original settings;
  • Send goods to the cart;
  • Call the phone number specified in the form or switch to the online order placement;
  • Enter your contact information, set delivery options;
  • Make a payment;
  • When the order is placed correctly, a flower delivery will be done within a few hours or when you want.

It takes only 5 minutes to order flowers online or by phone from our studio. If you’re not a newcomer, it will take less than 2 minutes to place your order.

The advantages and benefits of ordering flowers in the company «KROKUS»

If you’ve never used our services before, now you can assess all advantages fast. By requesting our flower orders (Riga),, you can make the most ambitious and original plans to surprise and please your dear ones.

Peculiarities of our company’s work can’t leave the true connoisseurs of beautiful flowers and quality services indifferent:

  • Democracy. The client is the one who decides how to choose floral arrangements, pay for goods, and when to order flowers with delivery or self-pickup. You can place your order even at night. It’s a very valuable solution for consumers who are always busy at work and who don’t forget that they need to please dear ones;
  • The optimum speed and quality of delivery. Any bouquet of flowers will be ready on time, its fast delivery won’t affect the quality;
  • Each flower has a meaning. We don’t use any items,  with defects in our bouquets. Flowers, leaves, decorative details of a high quality and undamaged– it’s the only way to create a complete and beautiful floral arrangement.

Bouquets of flowers will be delivered exactly on time. You can make a request for a flower delivery to your address to give a gift personally. Besides, you can request for an anonymous delivery to the recipient. At your request, we provide customized flowers, bouquets with pleasant small presents, cards with elegant designs.

Each bouquet of flowers, the price of which depends on all parameters, including its size, colors, flower lengths, and additional decorative elements, will be delivered to the recipient on time, and you’ll receive a photo report. If you order a flower delivery from us, we’ll provide you with the opportunity to monitor order processing. Do something pleasant for dear ones by making such a simple and affordable, desired and wonderful present. Trust KROKUS professionals, and any surprise or celebration will be successful because flowers speak volumes!

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Rigas flowers, Latvian Flowers and flowers from all over the world!

Rigas flowers, Latvian Flowers and lot of other propositions of flowers from whole world. You can choose your favorite bouquet in our online directory (Flowers riga, flowers latvia), instantly pay for the chosen flowers in riga in any convenient way, like credit card, Paypal, banklink system or electronic money. You can also call our manager at  +371 200 303 06, explain which flowers you want to order in Riga and your wishes for its delivery (delivery flowers Latvia).

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