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Distance contract and guarantees

Flower delivery in Riga and Latvia from Krokus studio is carried out twenty-four-hour without breaks and days off. The same schedule is on all holidays. We guarantee the quality of the goods delivered by our couriers at the time agreed with the customer, all exceptions are described in the section "Guarantee of timeliness".


SIA ZIEDU BĀZE RĪGA, registration № 40203062931, registered office address: Matīsa iela, 8, Rīga, LV-1001, Latvia (hereinafter referred to as SIA ZIEDU BĀZE RĪGA) and the Buyer (hereinafter referred to as the Buyer), making an order in the online shop, available at the address https://www.krokus.lv (hereinafter referred to as the Flower shop), conclude this Contract.

The activity of the Flower shop in the Internet is provided and supported by SIA ZIEDU BĀZE RĪGA.

Making an order in the Flower shop, the Buyer confirms that he has read the terms of use of the Flower shop and the provisions of the Distance contract available at https://www.krokus.lv/info/delivery/ .

The Buyer has the right to receive the goods and services offered in Krokus.LV shop after making a prepayment for the relevant service or item. The description and the cost of each relevant item and service are presented in the goods catalog next to each item. All prices are presented inclusive of value added tax.

The Buyer has the opportunity to pay for the goods or services by choosing one of the types of distant payments offered in the Flower shop.

The payment for goods and/or services implies the fact of ordering the service and irrevocable compliance of the Buyer with the Rules.

After paying for the service, it is considered that the Buyer conclude a contract with SIA ZIEDU BĀZE RĪGA, that defines bilateral obligations and other duties.

The Buyer has the right to return the goods to SIA ZIEDU BĀZE RĪGA shop within 14 days from the receipt of the goods, without giving an explanation of the reason for refusal. Used, damaged and not in original packaging goods, as well as goods with damaged packaging and labelling cannot be returned. Realization of the right to refuse the goods and to return the goods is carried out in accordance with the following legal acts:

— «Consumer Protecting Act» («Patērētāju tiesību aizsardzības likums»);

— Rules of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia № 207 28 May, 2002 "On the distance contract» («Noteikumi par distances līgumu»).

Cut flowers, bouquets, flower arrangements and indoor plants cannot be returned. Rules of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia No. 207 15.3

SIA ZIEDU BĀZE RĪGA has the right to terminate unilaterally the order and return to the buyer the full cost of the goods, if SIA ZIEDU BĀZE RĪGA cannot fulfill the order due to circumstances beyond its control. (For example, an ordered item is unavailable for more than 30 days or the production season is over).

Quality assurance

Quality. All photos of our works presented on the website are variants of the executed arrangements. A flower arrangement is unique and inimitable. It may slightly differ by some elements, appearance and packaging material. We can replace the quantity, type of flowers based on the season, as well as the availability of them in storehouse and other factors. The final execution of the order may differ from the photos in the gallery. Our florists compose all floristic arrangements only from fresh natural flowers and do everything in order that the arrangement which you like, corresponds to the presented exanple as much as possible.

If the recipient has any claims to the quality of the bouquet, the recipient has the right not to accept the bouquet and immediately return it to the courier, informing about this situation by phone number +37120030306. Further the situation is considered individually.

Claims will not be accepted after the acceptance of the bouquet by the recipient.

Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for the safety of the flowers at your home, because we are unable to control the conditions in which they are located. Flowers are a living commodity and it is impossible to predict how they will behave in certain conditions, for this reason in Latvia there are Rules of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia № 207 15.3 (cut flowers, bouquets, flower arrangements and indoor plants are non-refundable).

Financial guarantees. If the order is cancelled at least 24 hours prior to its execution, and on holidays such as February 14 and March 8 – at least 72 hours, all money in full will be returned to the recipient. When cancelling the payment, the funds will not be refunded held by payment systems as a fee for accepting payment and return. Usually the commission of payment systems is from 4 to 7%. If you cancel the order, we recommend that you simply transfer the paid amount to another date and another delivery. In this case, we will not need to make a refund, and the full paid amount will be transferred to another date.

If the client asks to cancel the order later than the indicated above time, we can only postpone the delivery of this bouquet to another time or day. In this case, we do not remake the bouquet composed for the delivery.

Guarantee of timeliness

Each order in KROKUS studio is registered in the information system, so all orders are controlled automatically. The system notifies florists, couriers and customers about various events related to the order. Therefore, each of your order is guaranteed to be tracked. Any problems when composing the order are predicted in advance by the system and they are solved in advance.

Our couriers also work using this automated system. Therefore, we deliver all our orders at the time specified by the customer. If it is impossible to deliver the bouquet at the specified time or a possible delay is more than 30 minutes, we will inform the customer and discuss the further way of delivery.

Our couriers calculate in advance the route and possible delays. But the situation on the road is changing rapidly and it is not always possible to predict traffic congestion. If the courier route has long traffic jams or traffic load is more than 8 points, the delivery may be for 1 hour without notification of the customer. We always try to keep you informed and send SMS about each event relating to your order. We want to assure you that 99% of our orders are carried out efficiently and on time. All other situations we solve individually with the customer.

In the case of the execution of the order outside of Riga, we cannot guarantee the delivery "exactly in time". We accept the specified time in the order as the customer's wishes. When performing the order, we make every effort to comply with the desired delivery time. But since these are remote areas, exact delivery time is not guaranteed, but we can guarantee the delivery on the chosen day before 22 hours. To specify the possibility of the delivery to remote cities on holidays, please call: + 37120030306

Servicing guarantees. Orders by phone, email, some compound orders or complex orders are processed manually by our managers. We will review your request for execution of the order within 24 hours.

In most cases you can immediately track the process of execution of the order online on the website in your personal account, you will also receive SMS about the process of execution of the order.

We take photos of the recipients at the presentation of the order. This photo is sent to the customer by e-mail to the address specified when ordering. We can guarantee this service only from our side. We are not responsible if you have entered an incorrect e-mail address when ordering the delivery. We also are not responsible for any possible delays in the delivery of letters, as well as rejection by your mail system. Also this photo is automatically processed- the face of the recipient is hidden, and the photo is exhibited in our portfolio.

If the recipient or the customer does not wish it, please, inform us at any time. We will immediately take away a photo from the publication.

You can order flowers in our online shop of fresh flowers by phone EN +371 259 073 00 LV/ENG +371 200 303 06

Replacement of the flowers in the bouquet

Sometimes we have to make the replacement of flowers keeping the appearance and cost of the bouquet. Specialists of our company have the right to make equivalent replacement of packing or flower material. A florist can make a replacement at his pleasure, keeping the cost and the tyle of the arrangement.

Please note: our online catalog presents approximate length of flowers, size of bouquets and arrangements. The actual size and length of a flower may vary slightly: the difference is approximately 5-10 cm.

The content of the fruit basket may vary. This is due to the limited availability of certain fruits in different regions for a number of reasons. In addition, not always the quality of the goods offered in shops can meet the standards of the requirement. Thus, it should be noted that the photo on the website is an example of an order, not a sample, so the composition of fruits may vary.

When you order a basket, its composition is selected within a certain amount. Specialists of the company will make every effort to fulfill the most presentable order.

KROKUS guarantees: with the change in the composition of fruits, the quality of the service does not change, since the replacement will always be equal. At the same time, working on the order, KROKUS staff always remembers that the main obligation is to ensure that the quality and integrity of the delivered goods correspond to the ordered.

Guarantee and cost of delivery

All warranty liability, cost and terms of delivery are described on a separate page "Terms of delivery".

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