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Terms and time of delivery

The cost of the bouquet does not include the delivery all over Latvia, but even with the delivery our price for flowers will be less than in other companies of bouquet delivery. The quality of our goods and the delivery of flowers in Riga and Latvia will satisfy a client 100%!

Date and time of delivery

In some cases payment systems can delay the notification of the payment for the order. The delivery is carried out only after the confirmation of payment.

You can order flowers with the delivery today, but we recommend you to take care of it in advance (2-3 days). This will allow us to perform your order without haste and taking into account various floristic details and rules. Exotic and unseasonal flowers are desirable to order not later than a week.

The date and time of the delivery is chosen by the customer, specifying it when ordering. We accept orders twenty-four-hour, seven days a week.

Cost of delivery

The cost of the delivery is calculated depending on the area of the location of the recipient's address.

Riga (Green zone)

0 euro * - for orders from 30 euros and more (if you cannot specify the exact address up to the house, the delivery to the specified address is 7 euros)

7 euros-for orders less than 30 euros.

Red zone - 10 euros

Blue zone - 15 euros

Purple zone - 20 euros

The rest of Latvia - 35 euros

The delivery on holidays (February 14, March 8, New Year) is performed on a separate tariff plan, which is displayed on the checkout page. The cost of the delivery on holidays is calculated individually based on availability of florists, couriers and traffic situation.

Express delivery of flowers in Riga

The express delivery will be from two to three hours from the moment of payment by the client for his order. If the goods are paid in cash to the courier, the time of the express delivery starts from the moment of order approval. This service applies to goods purchased on the day of the order. The cost of the express delivery is 10€.

We do not carry out the express delivery on St. Valentine's Day, New Year and March 8.

Delivery to other cities

In case of order fulfillment outside Riga, we cannot guarantee delivery “on time”. We accept the indicated time in the order as the customer wishes. When completing an order, we make every effort to comply with the desired delivery time. But since these are remote areas, the exact delivery time is not guaranteed, but we can guarantee the delivery on your chosen day up to 22 hours. The possibility of delivery to remote cities of Riga on holidays, specify by phone: +37120030306

Individual approach to the client

In emergency cases, we meet our clients and accelerate the delivery at his request. Our support team will provide you with all important information. If you need flower delivery in Riga, please contact us.

Delivery to the exact time

You can order the delivery of flowers to the exact time with an interval of 10 minutes. When performing this service, the courier will focus on the specified time. The error of the delivery time is 30 minutes maximum, both upwards and downwards. The cost of this service is 10 euros.

Night delivery of FLOWERS

Night delivery is available from 22:00 to 7:00. The cost of the service is 20 euros. If night delivery is made on the same night, the order may be cancelled or rescheduled. Order this service in advance for guaranteed delivery of your order at night.

Delivery without the recipient's address is a reality!

If you do not know the full and exact delivery address, when ordering you can select the option "Do not know the full delivery address". We will call the recipient and find out his city, full address, as well as adjust the date and time of the delivery for convenient to him. The cost of this service is 15 euros. This price also includes the cost of the delivery to any locality, but not more than 15 euros. If the recipient names the address with the delivery amount more than 15 euros, we will contact you for an additional payment. If the delivery is paid outside of Riga, and the customer is in Riga - the money for the delivery is compensated by a compliment at the discretion of the company (sweets, a balloon, additional flowers). The money for this service will not be returned!

After approval of the delivery address with the recipient, there are cases when the customer cannot be contacted, in this case, the bouquet is executed for a smaller amount to repay the exceeded cost of the delivery to the address specified by the recipient.

Anonymous FLOWER delivery

For those who like surprises there is an anonymous flower delivery service in Riga free of charge. Ordering it, you can be calm that the recipient will not know your name until the moment of receipt, unless you want to specify your name in the card. To order this service, tick off "Additional services". The service is free.

At each delivery we specify from the recipient that he is in place. We say "there is a gift for you", specify his presence at the booked address. But we don't tell from whom.

Your personal data are used only for payment and are not transferred to the recipient.

FLOWER delivery to office, home, hospital or hotel

We deliver to the address specified by the client in the hands of the recipient or to work address. We deliver flowers to the hotel to the room specified by the client. If you forgot the room number, but know the name of the hotel, we will leave your order at the reception addressed to the recipient or we will ask the room number and will give the bouquet in the recipient’s hands. If the delivery is to the hospital, it is possible that the courier will deliver flowers at the reception, agreeing on the transfer of flowers to the recipient’s ward. The service is free.

Photo of the presentation of the bouquet

We take photo of recipients at the delivery of the order. This photo is sent to the customer by e-mail to the specified address when ordering. We can guarantee this service only from our side. We are not responsible if you have entered an incorrect e-mail address when ordering delivery. We also are not responsible for any possible delays in the delivery of letters, as well as rejection by your mail system. Also this photo is automatically processed- the face of the recipient is hidden, and the photo is exhibited in our portfolio.

The performance of this service may be limited or canceled in the following cases: dark time of day, the recipient's refusal to take photo, the absence or restriction of the mobile Internet signal in the courier's smartphone (in this case the system will not start sending photos), or malfunction of the courier's smartphone/information system. This service is free, it is not included in the price of the order and is provided just to please you with a photo.

A report on the performance of the order

A report on the performance of the order, we will send to you via SMS, as well as to your e-mail specified at checkout. You receive notifications when we accepted your order, when your order is delivered to the courier for the delivery, and when the courier delivered it to the recipient. If a photo was taken, you will be notified separately with the photo.

We are not responsible if you have entered an incorrect e-mail address when ordering the delivery. We also are not responsible for any possible delays in the delivery of letters, as well as rejection by your mail system. Also this photo is automatically processed- the face of the recipient is hidden, and the photo is exhibited in our portfolio.

Waiting for the recipient and replacing the delivery address

Attention! At the place of the delivery, the courier waits for 15 minutes. If the recipient is not present, the courier has the right to deliver the bouquet to any person in the apartment where the recipient should be. If the order cannot be delivered to the specified address (there is no recipient or any other person who can accept the order), the courier takes it to the office of the company at Riga, Artilērijas 25, LV-1011, where the recipient can take the gift himself. If the customer wishes to redeliver to the address specified in the order or to any other address, it is necessary to pay for redelivery in full.

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