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To send flowers to riga or any other city in Latvia is very simple! For this it is enough to use a convenient online service of the best online floristic shop of the capital KROKUS. To congratulate your close persons, friends or relatives on a holiday, send flowers to riga and any other city of Latvia, using the services of the best floristic studio of the capital KROKUS.

The best way to send flowers to riga is to order them in KROKUS

Floristic studio KROKUS is pleased to welcome visitors of its official website. Here every client will be able to find an original gift for a loved one, relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, boss or partners. It's not a secret that among many ways to congratulate a person the most popular and desirable are bouquets and compositions of fresh flowers. You can hand them as a gift on:

  •  birthday;
  •  anniversary;
  •  wedding;
  •  anniversary of a joint life;
  •  corporate holiday;
  •  date;
  •  graduation;
  •  and also without an reason.

Often customers of our shop decide to send flowers to latvia for relatives to congratulate them on Christmas, Easter, Ligo, St. Valentine's Day, Knowledge Day, March 8th, etc. In the range of KROKUS goods you will find a lot of delightful flower compositions designed for these and other holidays. That is why the best place to order flowers online in Riga and all over Latvia is KROKUS studio.

Prompt delivery of flowers in Riga and all over Latvia

An indisputable advantage of KROKUS is its own courier service, which is able to perform flowers online delivery at any time to any address in Riga and all over Latvia in the shortest possible time. For transportation of bouquets and compositions we use special transport equipped with technical means to maintain optimal humidity and temperature in the transport compartment. This means if you order flowers online in KROKUS with delivery in Riga (Latvia), you are guaranteed to receive a fresh and safe bouquet of the highest quality!

In addition, our floristic studio offers all customers to send flowers in riga latvia by one of the original ways. For example, you want to send flowers online so that the recipient does not guess whom this bouquet is from. Using the service of anonymous delivery from KROKUS, you can do it in just a few clicks. Also one of the most common situations is the need to order flowers online urgently and their delivery to Riga (Latvia). Thanks to the round-the-clock work of operators, florists and couriers of the KROKUS studio, you can send flowers to riga in 3-4 hours and even at night.

Best flowers online at affordable prices in Riga (Latvia)

To find fresh flowers online in Riga and any other city in Latvia is not so difficult. However, only KROKUS will be able to offer you cheap flowers online of the highest quality. In the goods catalog of our shop, customers can easily find rare and original bouquets. For example, here you can buy blue roses in riga for only 27 euros! Is this not the best offer of the capital market and all over Latvia?

You can buy flowers online, using the best online floristic shop in Riga and all over Latvia in any quantity. Do you want to present a modest bouquet without a reason? Order it in KROKUS for less than 15 euros. Do you want to impress the gifted? Chic author's compositions, consisting of 101, 151, 355 and even 999 flowers, cost from 100 to 1000 euros and more are to your attention! The best flowers online for any budget are waiting for you in KROKUS studio.

How to buy flowers online in Riga (Latvia)?

To buy flowers in riga or any other city in Latvia, using the service of the online shop KROKUS, is very simple:

  •  select the composition you like in our catalog and add it to the cart;
  •  complete the gift with a postcard, a souvenir or sweets;
  •  specify the desired time and place of delivery;
  •  pay for the goods in one convenient way.


After that, all the work on creating a beautiful flower masterpiece and its delivery to the recipient will be taken over by the specialists of KROKUS studio. Be sure, having ordered flowers online in Riga, Latvia or anywhere in the world with the help of our shop, you will get a quality service and the most pleasant impressions!

Make a pleasant surprise to your relatives, friends or acquaintances from Latvia. Send flowers online to any address in Riga in just a few clicks. Beautiful compositions made of the freshest flowers are waiting for you in KROKUS. You will find flowers to send online in a convenient catalog of the goods. You can make an order on the website or by calling the shop operator at +371 200 303 06 at any time. Thanks to our service you can send flowers online same day delivery even on weekends and holidays!

How to send flowers online for a birthday in Riga?

One of the most frequent reasons for giving a bouquet of flowers is a birthday. A flower composition of fresh garden plants is appropriate to present to a girl or woman, a close relative, a colleague, superiors, absolutely to all friends and acquaintances. Its universality adds the advantages to this gift; one can safely assume that a luxurious bouquet of fresh and bright flowers will undoubtedly please him even without knowing about the tastes of the gifted person.

The Internet shop KROKUS is glad to offer its customers the widest range of flowers to send online to any corner of Riga, as well as other cities of Latvia.

How to choose flowers to send online for a birthday in Riga?

An undoubted advantage of KROKUS among competitors is a wide choice of different flowers and bouquets made of them. On our website there is even a special section for selecting a composition in accordance with the type of celebration, which, of course, includes such a holiday as a birthday. In the goods catalog the buyers can find bouquets made of:

● red, white, blue, crimson, orange, black, peony-shaped, double-tone roses;

● Dutch and royal tulips of different size and colour;

● delightful irises, chrysanthemums, gerberas, hyacinths;

● fantastic freesias, orchids, hydrangeas, lilies;

● attractive meadow flowers and decorative plants.

In the list of advantages it is also worth to mention the professional work of experienced florists who create elegant compositions in hatboxes, baskets, bird cages, and also in the form of amazing figures of animals and even festive cakes. We can safely say that the best place to send flowers online in Riga and all over Latvia is the shop KROKUS, taking into account the above-mentioned.

Is it possible to add a gift to the bouquet?

In the case of buying flowers in another shop or in the market, you will have to spend a lot of time to find an addition to them in the form of a suitable gift. If you want to buy it with a bouquet, then turn your attention to the section of our website, which presents a lot of souvenirs, sweets and other accessories for flower compositions. Among them the buyers will find soft toys, rose petals, balloons, candles, fruit baskets, vases, chocolates, postcards, cakes, etc. Agree that it is not possible to buy a complete set of gifts for a birthday in one place and even at a favorable price in every shop in Riga and all over Latvia.

How to send flowers online same day delivery in Riga (Latvia)?

The pride of our company is a service of fast delivery of bouquets all over Riga and Latvia. For a small fee, you can order the delivery of the flower composition right on the day of the purchase. Such a service will help to save the situation when you quite accidentally forgot about the birthday of a close friend or acquaintance, and there is no time to search for a gift. Besides, choosing the delivery of flowers to the address on the day of the order, you can congratulate a birthday person with fresh flowers without leaving home!

Order fresh flowers with the delivery right now!

It does not matter on what day or even on what time of day you need a bouquet. You can buy and send flowers online to the address in Riga or another city of Latvia even on weekends and holidays, as well as at night using our service. To make an order, just use convenient functions of our website or just call the manager of KROKUS at the specified phone number. We are always happy to help our customers and to decorate any holiday with bright and fresh flowers!

Send flowers to Riga (Latvia)

Crocus online store is glad to welcome you on its official website! Here you can easily and quickly order a marvelous bouquet for any event, as well as send flowers to Riga (Latvia) in the shortest time. Thousands of customers around the world have already used our service, and every time they need to congratulate their relatives, friends or just close friends on holidays, they turn to us and order fresh flowers delivery for favorable prices.

For many years our company has been successfully creating beautiful floral bouquets, while giving our customers an opportunity to send a bright and unique composition of fresh flowers to Latvia as a gift at the right time. A great variety of plants, assistance of professional florists and affordable price are only a part of the benefits that the client receives when cooperating with the Crocus online store.

To whom can you send flowers to Riga (Latvia)?

So, you need to congratulate a person on a holiday, a solemn event or simply to make someone happy with a bright and memorable gift? In this case, a floral bouquet is the best solution! You can send flowers in Riga Latvia on the following occasions:

  • As a congratulation on a birthday, anniversary;
  • For the wedding;
  • As a declaration of love;
  • As a sign of special attention;
  • To ask for forgiveness;
  • For any other holiday.

It is worth noting that, such a gift and a sign of attention will be highly appreciated by women. You can surely please your mother, girlfriend, wife, sister, teacher and any other woman with fresh flowers. All you need to do is to choose one or more proposed options for making a floral bouquet on our site and order flowers delivery to Latvia to any address within a couple of minutes. You can be sure that in a few hours the lady will receive your gift and the warmest wishes.

However, flowers are created not only for women. Depending on the type personality or profession and personal preferences, even a man would be happy to receive such a present. You can send flowers to Riga for a creative person, for example, an actor, artist, musician, singer, etc. Thus, a floral bouquet is certainly a universal gift that can please almost everyone.

What is the difference between sending fresh flowers and buying a bouquet in a Riga stall?

Let's imagine a simple situation: you forgot to congratulate a person on a birthday. Thinking over choosing a gift on the day of celebration is meaningless, since it takes a very long time to make a decision. The best present will be, of course, a bouquet of flowers. But where would you buy beautiful, bright, and most importantly fresh flowers?

Many people prefer to go to the nearest flower shop and choose a bouquet from the available assortment. Often, such an approach ends up with a complete failure, since it is impossible to place many flowers in a limited store area. Moreover, the price of the bouquet always includes a part of the rent and other costs for maintaining the premises. It gets even worse, when you cannot find a suitable version of the decorated bouquet. In this case, you have to pay for the services of the florist, who will surely overcharge you for the urgent execution of the order.

Thus, after losing a few hours, you managed to get the desired floral bouquet. However, you will now have to send flowers to Riga for the birthday person. If you do not have a car, you will have to call a taxi or carry flowers in public transport, and now there is a risk of damaging such a luxurious gift.

Now let's take a look at the solution to the problem with the help of the Crocus online flower store. Without leaving home, you can see the full range of bouquets, choose one of the most popular compositions, pick flowers that match your occasion for the most suitable price. In addition, often each of the proposed bouquets has several design options, differing due to the number of flowers, and therefore the cost. Having decided on the choice, you will only have to add it to your order and make payment. And all this will take you no more than 10-15 minutes!

Thanks to our online store, you can send flowers to Riga (Latvia) directly to the birthday person or ask the courier to meet you with a bouquet directly near the place of the celebration. In this case, you do not need to worry about the safety of the bouquet. You will get it fresh, whole and unscathed. Such a gift will undoubtedly leave the brightest and warmest impressions.

Advantages of ordering and sending fresh flowers in Riga (Latvia) from the Crocus store

We have already discussed several advantages of ordering flowers in the Crocus online store. Among the most important benefits it is also worth noting:

  • Convenience. You do not need to spend your energy searching for a suitable bouquet, for our site offers a great assortment of compositions that you can see without leaving your home.
  • Efficiency in everything. This concerns not only the order arrangement and payment, but also processing, execution and delivery of the order. Our specialists do the whole job within several hours.
  • The highest quality. We always provide you with fresh floral compositions, since we cooperate with reliable suppliers and approved flower bases of Riga.
  • On time delivery. If you need to send flowers in Riga (Latvia) as soon as possible, you will not find the best service! Our couriers will deliver a bouquet to the address in the shortest possible time. In addition, you can order a flower delivery in Riga with an accuracy of minutes to make the delivery moment well-planned and solemn.
  • Advantageous prices. The undoubted advantage of the service allowing to send flowers to Riga is the optimal price of bouquets. Crocus offers its clients both cheap variants of compositions at the price of 30 euros, and luxury extra large bouquets costing up to 300-500 euros. You can also find flowers that cost beginning from 7-9 euros in our catalogue.

How to order and send flowers in Riga (Latvia)?

If you want to send flowers to Riga, the best solution will be to contact the Crocus online store. Our managers accept applications for sending flowers to Latvia around the clock. You can contact them by phone + 371-200-303-06. Also, you can place your order right on our website. To do this, open the flowers online catalog and choose the desired category, then go to the page of the featured composition, choose the size of the bouquet and add it to the basket. If you wish, you can finish your order with a gift card before proceeding to payment and processing the delivery.

Then, you just need to fill in a special form, specifying the address, date and time of the delivery, as well as the contact information of the recipient, confirm and make the payment. After that, Crocus specialists will take care of creating a first-class composition and send flowers in Riga. Take all the advantages from the fresh floral bouquets delivery with our service!

The company «Krokus» offers flowers and bouquets in the online shop with door-to-door delivery throughout Riga (Latvia).

Despite the stress of your everyday life, it’s important not to forget the main thing. Pay attention to loved ones, show your feelings and concern. Flower delivery (Riga) is one of the most lucrative options for a great present to dear ones, creation of a festive setting, relationship-building. Although many people treat bouquets as something banal, every girl, woman, mother wants to get flowers during any celebration as the main gift. The tradition to present bouquets on birthdays, March 8, anniversaries, or just some long-awaited meeting firmly rooted in the minds of all people, so a celebration seems dull without flowers.

Why door-to-door delivery is better than buying in a flower stall

Come, see, and buy – this principle is used by most consumers, especially men. When it comes to buying flowers, this algorithm is not always the best solution. Shops may not always have a good selection to choose something that you really like. Besides, many flower stalls are overpriced, have long lines, and it seems difficult to get to your destination with a whole, intact, and fresh bouquet. Under these circumstances, flower delivery by experts is a feasible solution.

Professionalism in everything: creating original fresh bouquets according to customer requests and fast delivery

Specialists of the floral studio "KROKUS" deliver flowers in Riga perfectly:

  • Client choose the desired bouquet on the company's website;
  • Orders are processed online or on the phone;
  • All details are agreed, including bouquet parameters and design, delivery terms, and payment options;
  • With the help of specially equipped transport, we perform fast flower delivery (Riga, Latvia);
  • Customers or recipients of bouquets get flowers in excellent shape;
  • Convenient payments are made by customers.

The best solution in an emergency situation: flowers save a celebration

Do you need to apologize to your dear ones, congratulate them with their sudden success, celebrate an anniversary, declare your live, or just do something pleasant? A good gift often saves people in difficult times and allows them to improve any situation. If you don’t have enough time to look for a present in local shops, visit our website to order flowers with delivery in Riga.

Just view pictures in the catalog and press the «Order» button. In the given online order form, you can specify the versions of standard bouquets with typical dimensions of flowers or order original floral arrangements of specific flowers. It’s takes less than 5 minutes to use a simple online ordering. Ordering flowers Riga is fast and cheap. Their urgent delivery within a few hours is possible. Flowers in Riga are provided by the "KROKUS" company in a wide assortment, so you can easily choose the best option according to your tastes and preferences of the future recipients of bouquets.

Our assortment

If you believe that each bouquet has its symbolic significance, the door-to-door delivery of flowers (Riga) can solve many of your problems. Everything unsaid in your relationships with dear ones can be «emphasized» by a beautiful bouquet. That’s why you need to make the right choice:

  • Red, white, pink roses and red, yellow tulips can speak about love. Every shade, bouquet shape, and flower combination can say about different manifestations of this feeling, so you need to be very careful with your choice. Don’t neglect expert advice;
  • White irises can help you make a compliment. Flower delivery in Riga is a fast solution if you like a woman  and you want to express your admiration for her beauty;
  • Purple hyacinths will help you apologize and express regret.

In addition to the direct meaning of each separate flower, floral arrangements also matter. Pay attention to the names of flowers in the catalog of "KROKUS" because they tell you how recipients will understand the meaning of bouquets.

The Basics of choosing on the website

In the catalog, you can find flowers with delivery (Riga) for any occasion at a reasonable price and with optimal packaging. Available filters can help you easily find floral arrangements, gifts, bouquets, cut flowers. You can fast choose flowers for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or dates. In the catalog, you’ll find the best bouquets to congratulate a happy family with a newborn baby or support a colleague.

In addition to separate flowers, bouquets, and floral arrangements, we offer many nice gifts and accessories for celebrations. Choose candles for  cakes and vases in our shop, order fruit baskets and boxes with sweets, soft teddy bears and souvenirs. They are pleasant surprises that make weekdays fun and celebrations more enjoyable.

Our pricing policy

In the "KROKUS" catalog, bouquet prices cost are calculated without delivery fees, so you don’t have to think a lot and the profitability of  the price. Bouquet descriptions contain the amount of money you need to pay for flowers, and you don’t overpay for delivery if your house is near the studio. Our bouquets with delivery are priced competitively because our company has such partners as flower farms and flower suppliers.

«When will I receive a bouquet?«

The online shop of flower delivery   "KROKUS" is the best solution even in the most difficult situations. If today is a wedding anniversary, but you forget about a gift, there will be no problems. On the website, it takes only a few minutes to place an order, make a payment, and receive it within 3-4 hours. The exact delivery time is set by you to make a beautiful bouquet a real surprise for your loved ones.

Buy flowers in Riga in our online shop is not problematic at all. It takes us a few days maximum to find and deliver any flowers in its best shape.

When buying in the online shop (Riga), flower delivery will no longer be a difficult task for you. Even if the place where you want a bouquet to be delivered is far from the center, flowers are delivered on time while keeping their natural beauty.

Flower delivery in Riga

Flowers created by nature to let their wonderful look decorate our world. Their diversity is just crazy. You can find any flower on our planet, including small and big, one-color and multi-color. Although their beauty differs, they all are wonderful. They make our life brighter and better. Gray and gloomy days are forgotten when there is a small bouquet of flowers is at home because it brings more comfort and piece. Since childhood, flowers have been associated with something beautiful and good. We give them on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings. Flowers send the positive energy that brings people love and good mood. Bouquets created by our professional florists who work for the "KROKUS" company carry a good mood and happiness. Our online floral shop "KROKUS" takes care of all the hassle associated with ordering and delivery of miraculous flowers that can lift cheer people up and please them with their beauty.

Flower delivery in Riga

The delivery of flowers, original bouquets of flowers, and artificial flowers in Riga is performed by the online floral shop "KROKUS". You can order beautiful bouquets or unusual candy bouquets by calling at: +37120030306. Buy a bouquet of roses.

You can buy a bouquet of candies at any time. Flowers cost over 9 euros, bouquets are priced over 30&euros;. We sell floral arrangements for 30 euros; minimum. Our shop offers 24-hour floral delivery in Riga. Urgent flower delivery in Riga is done within 3-4 hours after placing an order. Cheap flower orders are placed at night in our online shop of flower delivery in Riga. You don’t have to go anywhere to buy a bouquet of roses in Riga. You only need to visit our website and order flowers with delivery in Riga. We do everything else while taking into account your recommendations and tips.

The progress always moves forward, and we also don’t stand still. Every day, our designers try to keep up with modern trends while creating floral arrangements, so they constantly come up with new design solutions of flower bouquets. Since the foundation of our shop, flower delivery in Riga has been our main advantage over other similar shops. We cooperate with many flower shops and bases in Riga. You can be sure that our flowers are the freshest and bouquets are very beautiful.

We have the fastest flower delivery in Riga. We do everything according to customer wishes and try to please everyone. Blue and black roses. If our clients want to buy them, we’ll promptly deliver them to the recipient at the given address.

When receiving your order, you can leave your comments and suggestions on the work of our shop online to our courier. Rest assured that we won’t leave any feedback on improving our customer service without attention.

Delivery of exotic flowers. 101 roses will be delivered on time and at the right address. Our flowers will decorate your life with bright colors of nature, and we are their mediators.

Order flowers in Riga at competitive prices

For regular customers, we offer a flexible system of discounts for the purchase and delivery of bouquets. Exotic flowers and their delivery can be ordered in the online shop KROKUS. If you don’t know how to choose the right bouquet for your beloved woman, no problem! Our designers can help you choose and you decorate a bouquet for her.

What if you want to present flowers to a man, but you know nothing about his preferences? Visit the online shop KROKUS! Our consultants can help you choose a floral arrangement for any man! Only the online shop "KROKUS" offers exclusive designer bouquets and flowers. Low prices and fast delivery are the greatest "benefits" of our online shop. When you become our client, you save yourself from all the problems associated with the purchase of floral products. To learn more about us and our bouquet samples, you need to visit our online shop, the Gallery section. Choose flower bouquets for relatives, friends, dear ones   and your life will be bright and happy! We’ll help you decorate YOUR world!

Buy a Christmas wreath in Riga

One of the finest traditions in Latvia is to decorating houses with Christmas wreaths. Christmas wreaths can be made by yourself or you can buy a Christmas wreath Riga in our online shop. Our catalog presents a variety of choices for Christmas wreaths and Christmas bouquets. Our catalog also includes classic versions of traditional Christmas bouquets and unusual original Christmas wreaths to surprise your good friends. For example, classic options include a pine wreath, or a Christmas cone wreath. Our unusual options include a Christmas cotton wreath or a Christmas orange wreath. Our catalog contains   many ideas for Christmas wreaths. The creation of Christmas bouquets is not an easy task, but they are important attributes of Christmas in Europe. Don’t risk! Order a Christmas wreath in Riga from professional florists.

Buy roses in Riga (red, white, and other colors)

Are you looking for a good place to buy roses in Riga? Find our online shop of roses with flower delivery in Riga and Latvia. We have a vast experience in delivering roses and bouquets of roses. Do you want to find cheap roses? We offer cheap and quality bouquets of roses and inexpensive cut roses. We have a great offer for couples:  101 roses in Riga affordably and romantically. A red rose is a great flower that can be ordered inexpensively to get excellent results. Can a white rose be cheap? It can, but only in our shop! Besides, you can buy usual flowers and rose types from us. For instance, a peony rose in Riga (David Austin rose) is the one that keeps gaining its popularity in Europe. Would you like to order David Austin roses in Riga? Contact us! We will listen to your wishes and help you choose bouquets. You can order a rose in Riga in our special section that offers different options for bouquets of roses and fresh cut roses.




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Send flowers to Riga! Flower delivery Riga / Latvia. Quick and easy!

Send flowers to Riga and Latvia – are very easy! We have established the most convenient online floral shop with delivery in Riga. We know what others offer send flowers in riga and understand what a real modern online floral shop must offer. In this online shop, we have made our dream come true, and all of your needs will be fulfilled: professional florists with a 10-year experience, delivery of only fresh flowers, 24-hour floristic and delivery services for send flowers to Riga and Latvia. We focus on the quality of our work and do everything possible to make you come back to us again to order sending flowers into Riga or anywhere in Latvia.

The most popular bouquets

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