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To buy flowers online in Riga (Latvia)

The modern calendar contains many festive dates and solemn events. Among the generally accepted holidays special attention is paid to Christmas, New Year, St.Valentine's Day, March 8, Easter, Ligo, Mother's Day, September 1st. In addition, each of us has other, no less significant events: birthday, graduation, wedding, etc.

It's not a secret that fresh flowers are the best gift for any holiday. Bright and fragrant flowers can decorate the interior, create a festive atmosphere and, of course, to please any hero of the celebration. That is why the online shop KROKUS is happy to offer everyone who wishes to surprise and to please their friends, colleagues, acquaintances and close relatives, to buy flowers online in Riga or any other city in Latvia.

Why KROKUS is the best place to buy flowers online in Riga (Latvia)

Having an impressive experience in the Latvian flower market, we can confidently say that we are the best online shop of bouquets and arrangements not only in the capital, but all over the country. If you are thinking about where to buy flowers online with delivery in Riga or other cities in Latvia, the optimal solution will be to contact us. Let us consider the advantages of cooperation with the online shop KROKUS.

Here you can buy flowers online cheap. And it is not just words! Thanks to long-term cooperation with wholesale bases in Latvia and proven suppliers of fresh flowers, we purchase goods at a wholesale price. And due to the fact that we do not need to spend money on keeping large commercial places, we are quite capable of providing the consumers with a minimum price even for the most luxurious and expensive bouquets.

Here you can buy bouquet of flowers online at the best price. Unlike competitors, we do not impose on our customers the purchase arrangements of standard size. Instead, we offer you to choose the number of flowers for which you are willing to pay. Moreover, using our service you can simply indicate the desired sum, and our florists will compose an arrangement that best matches the planned budget.

Here you can buy flowers online delivery in Riga and all over Latvia. And this is the most significant argument! The pride of KROKUS is courier service, which promptly and in the shortest time delivers flowers and bouquets to the address. In addition, we are ready to offer such unusual services as:

● night delivery;

 ● anonymous delivery;

 ● delivery without the address of the recipient;

 ● photo report on the delivery of flowers;

 ● preview of an arrangement before sending and much more.

Also, ordering an urgent delivery of a bouquet in Riga (Latvia) you can buy flowers online same day delivery (weekday, day off, holiday).

What can I buy and send flowers online flowers?

In the catalog of our products there is a wide assortment of fresh flowers and arrangements from them, that you can buy fresh flowers online and send them to the address in Riga, Jugla, Bolderaja, Marupe, Jurmala and other cities of Latvia. Among them there are such garden and meadow flowers as roses, tulips, gerberas, chrysanthemums, irises, freesias, lilies, callas, chamomiles, carnations, peonies, lilacs, hydrangeas, alstroemerias etc. Agree that such an assortment you will not find in any shop in Riga and all over Latvia. Add to this a wide choice of gifts and additions to bouquets, as well as professional work of designers, florists, couriers and you will get the perfect service for congratulating loved ones on any holiday.

Do you want to buy cheap flowers online in Riga (Latvia)? Contact KROKUS! Only here you will find simple bouquets at a price from 7 euros! Is this not a record low price for one of the most wonderful gifts for a woman? Do you want to buy rose flowers online, pink, red, orange, blue or even black flowers with delivery to Riga or to another city in Latvia? Feel free to call us! We will help you to find the arrangement, not only according to the sum of your budget, but also appropriate to your preferences of colour, shape and size. You can quickly make an order by simply contacting the manager of KROKUS at the specified phone number.

For all those who want to evaluate the quality of our work, we propose to go to the catalog of goods and to get acquainted with the appearance of the chic bouquets and arrangements created by our specialists. We recommend you to pay attention to such popular works as:

● flowers in hatboxes;

 ● arrangements in natural wicker baskets;

 ● bouquets in decorative bird cages;

 ● cakes from flowers, supplemented with berries and fruits;

 ● bouquets in boxes with cakes, chocolates and other sweets.

The best flower online shop in Riga and all over Latvia – KROKUS will help to make a pleasant gift to a dearest person, to arrange a surprise and to present an unusual bouquet to your beloved.

Buy cut flowers with delivery in Riga. The online shop of real cut flowers: roses and much more

Urgent flower delivery is the best solution in a situation when a celebration is coming or you want to confess in love.  The language of flowers is so rich and extensive that failing to use them as a tool in relations is impossible. Making nice friends is easier now because you don’t have to look for traditional tools that have firmly got into the mentality of every person in shops for a long time, overpay for them, and handle their delivery in bad conditions. Now, you don’t need to go to flower stalls crowded by hurrying buyers and puzzled sellers who don’t have time to make beautiful bouquets and give advice to customers. To buy flowers, you only need to find us based on the phrase order flowers Riga KROKUS, visit the website of the «Krokus» company, and place orders within 5 minutes.

Why you should pay attention to flowers

Flowers are admirable and emotional, always bright and festive, carrying the warmth of the sun and the incredible fragrances of wildlife. No matter how gorgeous a gift for an anniversary is, you can’t create a festive atmosphere without them. No matter how romantic words are, only red roses bring the essence of love, sincerity, and passion. The 24-hour flower delivery in Riga Offered by our company will solve all the problems with the choice of flowers and their transportation. We will help if you forget about an approaching celebration and save you in any situation where the favorite flowers of the recipient is not in a flower stall. Affordable flower delivery in Riga and Latvia will make your life brighter, and the presented flowers will let you capture celebrations and gifts in your memory for a very long time.

How much you should invest in the purchase of flowers

Based on a celebration type, personal preferences, and your capabilities, bouquets can be both basic and additional gifts or a big part of your surprise. Since you can buy flowers of all sizes and varieties here, your celebration is not complete without this wonderful attribute, no matter how much you are willing to pay. Our assortment includes floral arrangements of premium quality and affordable options. Fresh cut flowers offer a romantic alternative to harmful sweets and useless souvenirs. Until flowers retain their freshness, they will decorate the interior of the room, kitchen or office of your dear ones. When they start fading, they will be quietly sent to trash, opening up more space for everything new and important. Affordable flower  delivery will let you save your money and time while ensuring a high quality of bouquets after their transportation.

When you can’t go without flowers

Thanks to the floral studio KROKUS, everyone can buy flowers in Riga without any overpayments, nerves, and difficulties during delivery, so don’t neglect the opportunity to make this present when appropriate. Even one real flower can cheer up your spouse or please your mother. You can give flower bouquets on weekdays if you want, and it’s mandatory, but there are some cases when you can’t go without such a gift:

  • Birthdays of your father, mother or sister, friend or colleague, woman or wife, daughter;
  • Wedding anniversaries;
  • A successful event in the career of your dear one;
  • Winning any competition;
  • Graduation, last call;
  • Your first date;
  • Your declaration of love;
  • A desire to cheer up your dear one in a gloomy day.

When you buy flowers that your potential recipients really like or have positive symbolic meanings, you do a good thing that is rare now. A beautiful bouquet is as radiant expression of your feelings, care, and good words. A girl who has never received flowers feels defective and she can’t gain confidence that she is really in the loved and appreciated. If you don’t give flowers to your mother at least occasionally, she will forget that she is respected and cared. 

Flowers and bouquets with the delivery that can be done based on a number of algorithms and your wishes can be an excellent solution for surprising your beloved one or congratulating your relatives who live far away from you. Make self-pickup delivery requests, order door-to-door delivery or with handing to recipients, buy cards with unusual decors and spectacular signatures, and you’ll get a great pleasure from seeing admiration and gratitude on the faces of your dear ones.

Features of flower delivery

The KROKUS company provides its customers with the opportunity to choose a variety of delivery terms. If you have enough time or you are near our studio, you can order any bouquets with free self-pickup delivery. Cheap flower delivery is offered in the territory of Riga, and you can order delivery to any corner of Latvia on favorable terms. Prices on flowers and their delivery are acceptable, so you can order them for any holiday or in everyday life. If you order a bouquet for 100 euros, you’ll get be given free flower delivery.

While our specialists process orders, you can receive relevant information for free. If you want to evaluate flowers with urgent delivery that matters to you a lot, you can order a photo report of a customized bouquet for a small fee. If it’s necessary to deliver flowers in Riga, we correct floral arrangements to meet all of your requirements. We’re always considerate and tolerant to our customers because it’s important for us to help flower delivery achieve your goals and desires in the best possible way.

Professionals are at your service: the best couriers will help you make any celebration fun and unforgettable

When you turn to the KROKUS studio, we will create for you unique and excellent bouquets with delivery according to your wishes. You can decide when and where to send a bouquet, and how to hand it over to the receiver. Surprise a pretty girl with red roses sent anonymously. Make your mother happy with spring tulips with sincere words of gratitude in a greeting card. Send your wife a bouquet of white irises to remind her of your admiration of her beauty and appeal.

Flower couriers arrive in a specially equipped transportation means regulated in accordance with the required parameters for the temporary storage of plants. When a popular holiday is coming and flower stalls are overcrowded, you don’t have to crowd in boring lines because when you order a bouquet from KROKUS you spend only 5 minutes, and other concerns will be handled by the studio staff.

Every flower courier in our company is trained to not only be able to handle plants and bouquets, but also to give presents to recipients in a beautiful way when requested by customers.

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To buy flowers online is the best way to purchase a great gift for any holiday, saving your budget. Wonderful arrangements and bouquets at reasonable prices are waiting for you in the online shop KROKUS. The best place to buy flowers online is our studio, because here you can buy absolutely any number of the freshest cut flowers inexpensively. Roses, tulips, irises, peonies, gerberas, lilies and other fresh flowers can be bought online in just 5-10 minutes by making an order on the website. We give 100% guarantees that you will receive the best service from the SIA ZIEDU BĀZE RĪGA company. We make flower ordering in Riga fast and convenient, we deliver flowers to any town in Latvia. The delivery of bouquets is possible 2-3 hours after the order. We process the order just as you want. If you want to make a custom order, you can call us at +371 200 303 06 and our experienced florists will make the desired arrangement.

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