Online flower shop of bouquets. 💐 Floral arrangements with 24 hour flower delivery! 💖

24 hour flower delivery🌷🌷 from the best online flower shop of bouquets in Riga (Latvia). 💐 🌹 💐 💖A wide selection of delightful flower arrangements from professional florists online. ☎ +37120030306 ✅

Best online flower shop with professional florists online and 24 hour flower delivery in Riga (Latvia)

24 hour flower delivery from the best online flower shop of bouquets in Riga (Latvia). A wide selection of delightful flower arrangements from professional florists online.

How to find the best online flower shop in Riga (Latvia)?

In recent years purchases in the Internet have become one of the most popular types of shopping. Today we can easily buy almost any things, equipment, food and other goods, even without leaving home. The purchase of flowers in online flower shop in Riga (Latvia) is not an exception. Despite the huge number of profitable offers, many customers are carefully choosing a place to buy a bouquet, preferring not only low prices for goods, but also the possibility of delivering an arrangement to the house. How to find the best online flower shop in Riga or in another city in Latvia?

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the assortment of the company's goods, as it is not difficult to find traditional roses or tulips. However, if you or your loved one, who is gifted, prefer bouquets of rare and exclusive plants, you will find them only in the best flower shop online in Riga (Latvia).

Many customers are interested in this question: "How to find an online flower shop near me?" This approach to finding the best floristic studio is not correct. Much more correct solution will be to contact an online shop that provides flower delivery services all over the country. A huge advantage of this service will be the availability of the company's own specialized transport. And of course, flower shop online delivery in Riga and all over Latvia should be at an adequate price.

Consultations of florists online flower shop delivery in Riga

The undoubted advantage of any company is the opportunity to advise the clients by professionals. Often the customers are faced with the problem of choosing a bouquet suitable for:

● the theme of the celebration;

 ● preferences of the gifted;

 ● planned budget.

Sometimes it is almost impossible to find an optimal arrangement. What to do in this case? Certainly, ask a question to the best online florists of Riga and all over Latvia. A real specialist is able to offer several variants of the design of the bouquet even to the most demanding customer, and courier service - a wide range of ways for buying, up to the delivery of flowers same day.

24 hour flower delivery in Riga and all over Latvia

Quite often, customers from the capital, and all over the country need to receive flowers at night. It can be wholesale customers, customers who want to present a bouquet as a surprise, etc. That is why they prefer 24 hour flower delivery service in Riga and other cities of Latvia. In addition, taking into account the competition of many online flower shops of the capital, the best variant will be a company offering 24 hour flower delivery at an adequate price in Riga (Latvia).

Thus, taking into account a lot of criteria for choosing the best flower shop, you can safely give preference to floristic studio KROKUS. Our company is:

● professional florists online;

 ● free delivery of bouquets in the capital;

 ● consultations of clients by experienced specialists;

 ● 24 hour flower delivery sale all over the country;

 ● wide range of goods and favorable prices.

Possibilities of courier service

Having addressed in KROKUS, the clients can take advantage of the best courier service in Riga and all over Latvia. We have a large car fleet, including specialized vehicles for transportation of cut flowers. Thanks to the high-quality equipment installed in the cars, we can deliver natural arrangements to almost any part of Latvia. At the same time, you can be sure that you will receive bright, fresh and the most beautiful flowers that will please the gifted for a long time without losing attractive appearance.

In addition, the delivery service of KROKUS is ready to offer its customers several varieties of delivery of bouquets.

● Anonymous. This type of delivery is in demand among those who wish to cloak in the mystery their present and add a little intrigue to congratulations. At the request of the client, the courier will give the recipient a bouquet of fresh flowers, without naming the sender's name and surname.

 ● Express. If you were suddenly invited to any solemn event, but you did not manage to purchase a gift, the best solution would be to order a flower arrangement in KROKUS, having issued its express delivery in Riga (Latvia). Thus, the gift will be in your hands no more than in 2-3 hours.

 ● Without destination address. For those who have recently met a girl and still do not know where she lives, the company KROKUS offers a flower delivery service by phone number. Just specify it when making an order, and the courier will call the gifted person himself and agree on the place and time of the delivery of the bouquet.

Online florists and same day delivery in Riga

For those who wish to receive professional advice there is a hotline of KROKUS. Call us at the specified number and the local online florists will answer any questions, help you to choose the best bouquet that best matches the theme of the holiday, the preferences of the recipient, the planned budget. In addition, at the request of the client, our designers in the shortest time will produce a unique flower arrangement, which will be delivered to the recipient or gifted on the day of the order. Such an operational processing of applications you will not find in any flower shop in Riga and all over Latvia.

Professional online florists with free delivery in Riga (Latvia) - this is not a complete list of advantages of the company KROKUS. It is also worth paying attention to a wide range of shop goods, among which there are:

● traditional flowers;

 ● rare, exclusive and premium bouquets;

 ● chic drsigner's arrangements in hatboxes and decorative mesh;

 ● delightful gifts, accessories and additions to flowers, etc.

You can find out more about the selection of goods on our website. In addition, you can see real photos of bouquets and numerous positive reviews from customers by visiting our pages in social networks.

Floral arrangements with delivery in Riga. Toys from flowers, bouquets in baskets, bouquets of candies, flower hearts

Do you think that classic bouquets are banal? It’s not a reason to avoid presenting flowers. Bright and original floral arrangements offer a great alternative to simple bouquets. It’s not only an addition to your present, but also a pleasant surprise that will amaze, delight, and excite even the most sophisticated and demanding recipients. In the floral studio Krokus, you can buy special floral arrangements: flowers in boxes and baskets, hearts, toys. View the catalog right now to cheer yourself up and choose a great gift for the upcoming holiday.

Beneficial and original offers

Unusual flowers, floral arrangements can be ordered from our company. Our studio is focused on satisfying the needs of customers from Riga and Latvia. We not only sell bouquets with different parameters, but we also choose and sort out materials, use only fresh and beautiful flowers with full buds. We consult our clients if they have any difficulties when choosing a bouquet for an appropriate occasion based on the preferences of a potential recipient, and our recommendations are cost-effective solutions. Our experts are well versed in the language of flowers and they can determine the symbolism of a single flower, a bouquet, a floral arrangement, and a specific combination of flowers. Even the color, size and condition play a very symbolic role. Therefore, you can choose a suitable gift for any occasion only from us.

How to surprise your dear ones

Everyone wants to receive attention, be supported, cared about, and respected, including beloved women, mothers, fathers, friends, and coworkers. If you use gifts as signs of attention, you will most likely reach an understanding in a relationship faster. Don’t forget that presents should be unobtrusive, or they will put people in an awkward position. If you need to choose between flowers and a big gift, but at the same time you want to be as tactful and accurate in expression of your feelings as possible, it’s best to choose big bouquets of flowers. These gifts allow you to please recipients without causing any confusion and resistance. Floral arrangements are accepted as something natural, and if they created by professionals in the original form, they are sure to cause admiration, surprise, inspiration, and lifted mood. Delivery of bouquets in Riga is your convenient solution for every celebration.

Our assortment of flower arrangements: bouquets for every taste

If you want to buy flowers in Riga, Latvia with self-pickup or door-to-door delivery, contact the KROKUS company. We offer both classic versions and original solutions. Our assortment includes many floral arrangements, so you are sure to find something to please your loved ones:

  • Beautiful bouquets that contain many tulips, blue roses;
  • Flowers in big or small baskets, identical or different, separate or complemented by decorative elements;
  • Hearts from roses and other flowers complemented by delicious berries and sweets;
  • Floral cakes that contain a combination of two attribute of any celebration;
  • Original floral arrangements in a cage for the connoisseurs of unusual designs;
  • Gift bouquets in the form of cats, tigers, turtles, hedgehogs, and other animals.

Delivery features of bouquets, arrangements, baskets of flowers

Any bouquet is beautiful only when all of its flowers are fresh, intact and have natural fragrances. If you want to make your dear ones happy during a celebration, do it professionally. You shouldn’t go to a far flower stall and have difficulties while delivering poor flowers in the heat or the cold. Entrust this task to professionals. KROKUS is a team of experts who not only know how to choose the right flowers, but they also understand how to combine them properly, pack, and most importantly deliver them. First dates, business meetings, marriage proposals, anniversaries or unexpected and long-awaited promotions at work, weddings or birthdays. Each case is separate, and we are always ready to create beautiful bouquets, floral arrangements and take them to any place in Riga, Latvia. Buy flowers in Riga at competitive prices and with fast delivery. The competitive delivery price, discounts for regular customers, free services for bulk orders are not all the benefits provided by us. The main characteristic of our work is that we can correctly identify what you really want and the recipient’s wishes, and we always serve at our best.

What a bouquet can say

Not everyone is inclined to spending a lot of time with his family and dear ones. Problems with a frequent and long-term pastime with a family and loved ones are most often caused by the necessity to work hard, important business matters, or household chorus. As a result, many people have difficulties in their relationship and the lack of understanding. Wives and girlfriends can start feeling abandoned and unloved. Mothers start suggesting that they’re forgotten, fathers have a feeling that they are not valued or respected. That’s why it’s important to express your feelings to dear ones in their true form.

A gorgeous bouquet of flowers presented for a celebration  will show off in a vase for a long time. It will not only please the eyes, but also allow you to tell something important for your dear ones. Floral arrangements signal your love, respect and gratitude, express your admiration, and help others understand that they’re really dear to you. With fast delivery to the address in Riga, Latvia offered by the KROKUS company, buying flowers is pleasant, affordable, and easy to you.

Floral Arrangements WITH DELIVERY IN RIGA

Flowers are created by nature to decorate this world and delight people with their diversity. It’s hard to imagine our life without flowers. Thanks to them, people's lives become romantic and the beauty they emanate in bright colors transforms  dwellings, brings warmth and comfort. Thanks to them, men take their first step to win the heart of a beautiful lady. Floral arrangements Riga decorate holidays and smooth official celebrations. In the office, during serious negotiations,  business bouquets and table floral arrangements soften a situation and list the mood. It undoubtedly leads to a positive result at the end of a hard day. Top Riga florists will create for you floral arrangements from flowers and ornamental plants. Imagine for a moment our modern life without them. No?! It’s impossible to imagine! Give flowers to each other is so beautiful and romantic. Our Krokus salon provides you with the opportunity to present real floral arrangements with delivery in Riga to your loved ones, acquaintances, relatives!

No matter what you give – a bouquet of flowers or a floral arrangement from real white roses, field daisies. The main thing is to do it from your heart and with joy. Flowers accompany people in their life and make it cheerful and kind.


Our floral salon can help you in everything associated with the purchase and delivery of a floral arrangement in Riga to the recipient’s doors. Now, to buy bouquets and real floral arrangements, you don’t have to leave your home or office. Order any bouquet or a floral arrangement in our online shop and our courier will deliver it to the specified address on time.

Appreciate every minute of your time. Entrust the creation of bouquets to professional florists and their delivery to our аккуратным accurate and fast couriers. A great floral arrangement or just a bouquet of white rosesreal floral arrangements with delivery in Riga from  our designers are unique and incomparable because they’re created by real professionals in this field. Why have any headache when buying flowers by choosing a bouquet yourself when there are people who do it professionally. Our online floral shop can create original floral arrangements according to your wishes.

You can order floral arrangements with door-to-door delivery or self-pickup in Riga in our online shop. The online floral shop Krokus creates beautiful floral arrangements, and decorates the transience of life with the bright colors given by nature. We offer photos of floral arrangements, Riga decorated by our flowers will become even more colorful. Let flowers and bouquets bought from us aromatize every home, apartment, and office, and we guarantee you a positive mood at any time of the year. We fight for each client, so we always listen to the advice of every customer. People, give flowers to each other, decorate your life, fill it with the fragrance of love and happiness!

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Flower arrangements and baskets of flowers. A collection of gift bouquets

Do you want to order a beautiful flower arrangement in a basket or hatbox? Then pay attention to the best online flower shop in Riga and all over Latvia. KROKUS offers prompt 24 hour flower delivery, 7 days a week. Order florists online in our shop to decorate any holiday, surprise and please the recipient, confess your love, express care and attention. In the catalog of goods you can find luxurious arrangements for any holiday. You can make an order on the website or by phone +371 200 303 06.

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