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Krokus is an inexpensive online shop in Riga (flower delivery in Riga and Latvia). Would you like to buy cheap flowers in a shop in Riga?

Order flowers same day delivery across Riga and all Latvia

Flowers can be called safely a universal gift for any holiday. A bright and fresh bouquet brings unforgettable emotions, expresses the warmest and sincere feelings. It often happens that we accidentally forget to take care of buying a gift. In this case it will not be bad to deliver flowers same day directly to the house. Flowers delivery riga at reasonable prices from courier service of KROKUS!

The online shop KROKUS is glad to welcome its visitors on its official website. Here any customer will be able to find and to order flowers same day with delivery to Riga or to any other city in Latvia. In addition, absolutely any arrangement from our catalog can be supplemented with a wonderful gift at the most appropriate price. And for those who could not purchase a bouquet in advance, we offer to use the service of order flowers same day delivery without leaving home!

Order flowers same day delivery in Riga (Latvia), delivery Sunday, express delivery and not only ...

One of the strongest aspects of our company is the courier delivery service of bouquets and flower arrangements in Riga and in any other city of Latvia. We can confidently state that you will not find such opportunities for sending and receiving flowers in any company in our country. First of all, it should be noted that fast same day delivery flowers in Riga is free! To send flowers same day to other cities of Latvia is in the range of 5 to 25 euros.

The next advantage of ordering a bouquet in KROKUS is the possibility of its delivery Sunday, as well as holidays, which are the days off for competitors. In addition, at the request of the customers, we perform:

cheap flowers same day delivery at the exact time;

 ● night delivery of arrangements;

 ● anonymous delivery of bouquets;

 ● delivery of flowers without the address of the recipient (by phone number).

To get flowers delivered same day to Riga or to another city in Latvia we are helped by the great experience of logistics professionals, as well as the professionalism of couriers and florists who work for our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

What can I get flowers delivered same day?

The catalog of goods in the online shop KROKUS presents a wide range of bouquets. Almost all of them can be delivered within 2-3 hours in Riga and on the day of order to the nearest cities of Latvia. Among them, the customers can find wonderful designer's arrangements from:

● stunning Dutch and royal tulips;

 ● luxurious lilies, callas, irises;

 ● delightful garden, shrub and peony-shaped roses of different colours and sizes;

 ● traditional chrysanthemums, carnations, gerberas and peonies;

 ● chic orchids, hydrangeas, freesias, alstromeries.

Often the bouquets are supplemented by a stylish paper wrapper, bright ribbons, package in the form of cardboard hatboxes, wicker baskets and even decorative bird cages. Soft toys, balloons, chocolates, greeting cards, fruits and berries, which can also be purchased in our shop, will be an excellent addition for any arrangement.

How to send flowers same day?

Do you want the gifted to receive flowers same day that the order was made? Then use the services of the courier service of the online shop KROKUS. When making an order, specify the desired date and time of receiving the bouquet or select the "Delivery service at the exact time". If you have problems with applying online, you can safely call the manager of the company at the specified phone number to get a free consultation on the choice of flowers, as well as help with the purchase.

Big bouquets, elegant floral arrangements, and unusual flowers with delivery in Riga and Latvia. The best flowers of premium quality for 50-80 euros

Every gift made from your heart should look elegant and have a competitive price. Our affordable online floral shop offers bouquets and gift compositions, which are quite beneficial because of their price-and-quality ratio. Each one is delivered to fit all the needs of the buyer.

Elegant gifts with or without a reason

To make the lives of your dear ones happy and inspiring, don’t forget to pay attention to them. A nice and pleasant gift is an excellent indicator of your concern. It can be such a surprising and joyful necessary that will become a very significant element of understanding in your relationships.

The affordable online floral shop offers not only bouquets, but also a variety of nice things that can be a joyful gift. They include different sweets: candies, cookies, chocolates, fruits. Besides, we offer romantic petals and candles, robust and stylish vases. In addition, you can order nice soft toys that will be saved by your loved one for a long time as a valuable sign of your attention.

What flowers can be bought for 50-80 euros

The affordable KROKUS shop can help anyone buy flowers. We offer the best gifts for men and women, lovers and colleagues, parents and children. Our assortment includes big and luxury classic bouquets, such as pink, red, white, cream roses. Here, you can always buy spectacular bouquets of tulips, hyacinths, and freesias. Our ranunculus flowers and peonies always look elegant and they’re available in a variety of colors and combinations. If you like magical gerberas, you can also choose beautiful customized options.

If you want to give wedding presents, choose congratulations with a newborn baby, or flowers,  the affordable online shop will offer the best floral arrangements. Big bouquets of white flowers: roses or chrysanthemums, peonies and lilies, tulips and calla lilies are always appropriate. You can view floral arrangement options in the catalog or order different bouquets with a unique and great design from our florists. With a professional approach of our specialists, ordinary flowers turn into masterpieces. Floral arrangements will please with their appearance, fragrance, and durability.

Beauty and practicality 

In addition to floral arrangements for greeting your dear ones, lovers, or relatives , we offer magical fruit bouquets, boxes of exquisite sweets and soft toys.

If you buy flowers in the shop affordably, you can afford more and pay for affordable delivery. It’s a great opportunity for you to save time and gain more confidence that bouquets will be fresh and beautiful.

The aesthetics of floral arrangements that can be purchased  from us on favorable terms is not their only advantage. The idea of giving flowers is a cheer up sign for almost everyone. Flowers symbolize joy, wealth, luxury. They smell happiness and romance, and the summer. Their presentation is closely associated with a great feeling of love. That’s why they should be treated not only as a beautiful gift, but also as a miracle that makes our life a bit better.

The right price for flowers

The KROKUS company offers a possibility to buy flowers in the online shop affordably. You can order bouquets and floral arrangements on this website or by phone. Convenient conditions of remote ordering allow customers to save time and money. Since the company provides a guarantee of quality flowers, you can place orders for bouquets for a variety of events without doubts, even if an occasion is very serious and responsible.

You can buy flowers in Riga at a decent price only from professionals. Flowers priced 50 -80 euros are the best option for important anniversaries and jubilees, weddings, declarations of love, and marriage proposals. These bouquets can please the dearest ones: fathers, mothers, wives, and daughters. They look prestigious and worthy to be used for greeting business partners, colleagues, and superiors.

The best experts of our studio can give their professional advice on the flower selection according to their purpose and create beautiful, reliable, and fresh bouquets, while considerate delivery carriers provide quick and inexpensive delivery. We make sure that flowers will make your life better.

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Flowers for 50-80 euros in our online shop in Riga.

Do you want to order flowers same day delivery at a good price? Then pay attention to the bouquets at a price from 50 to 80 euros. Beautiful fresh roses, fragrant tulips, lush gerberas, elegant irises in excellent designer's arrangements are waiting for you in KROKUS. Flowers same day for only 50-80 euros - this is a great solution to save any holiday. Did you forget to buy a gift? No problem! Send flowers same day at a good price to any address in Riga and all over Latvia. The online floral shop KROKUS offers a good selection of flowers and bouquets of premium quality at competitive prices with convenient ordering terms and fast delivery. You can easily choose our gorgeous bouquets for loved ones, for birthday or wedding congratulations, for seasonal and professional celebrations.

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