Order flowers online cheap with delivery in Riga (Latvia) from 7 to 15 euros!

Looking for cheap bouquets? We offer bouquets for 10 euros, 15 euros maximum. The quality of flowers is high, despite the price! Affordable flowers in Riga are in the Krokus shop.

You will find budget variants of flowers and bouquets for any holiday in the catalog of the goods of the company KROKUS. Order cheap online flowers on our website to congratulate friends, colleagues, acquaintances and relatives on the holiday, saving your budget. You can arrange cheap flower delivery by a few clicks or by phone +371 200 303 06. The courier service will bring the bouquet fresh and unharmed exactly in time. To send flowers online is the best way to express your feelings and wishes to the gifted, being away from him.

Cheap flowers online in Riga and all over Latvia

On the eve of holidays or solemn events, we often have to look for suitable gifts. And as you know, flowers are one of the most optimal and affordable gifts for any congratulations. Often, to buy a beautiful and inexpensive bouquet, we spend a lot of time on the selection of the arrangement, studying the range of the nearest shops. However, the company KROKUS is happy to offer its customers the best solution - to buy cheap online flowers in Riga or any other city in Latvia. The best flower delivery Latvia at reasonable prices from KROKUS studio!

Among the advantages of ordering cheap flowers online it is worth noting the significant savings in time and money, as well as the possibility to choose a bouquet from the widest range of excellent designer’s arrangements from professional florists. In addition, in KROKUS the customers can order a cheap flower delivery to the address in Riga or other city of Latvia, without leaving home.

Order flowers online cheap

You can save on buying a bouquet with the help of KROKUS using some simple advice. The fact is that our online shop offers its customers a large assortment of arrangements in a wide price range. Among them, the customers will be able to choose and send flowers online to Riga or any other city of Latvia:

● luxurious roses from 40 to 80 cm red, white, pink, yellow, blue, crimson, black, orange, as well as peony-shaped and shrub types of these garden plants;

 ● magnificent royal and Dutch tulips in a wide range of colours;

 ● fantastic peonies, chrysanthemums, gerberas, orchids, freesias, hydrangeas, irises, callas, lilies, etc.

Agree that not every flower shop in Riga (Latvia) can offer online delivery of flowers in such an abundance of types. However, KROKUS can offer you something else ...

Cheap online flower delivery according to your preferences

The strength of our shop, which distinguishes KROKUS from its competitors, is a flexible pricing policy and an individual approach to each client. We do not impose on our customers the purchase of bouquets of a standard size. Instead, you can arrange online delivery of flowers in Riga or in any part of Latvia in the form of an arrangement that best matches the planned budget. You can do this as follows:

● go to KROKUS product catalog;

 ● select the desired bouquet;

 ● specify the size of the future arrangement in accordance with the optimal cost;

 ● make a cheap flower delivery by specifying the address of the recipient;

 ● pay for the goods and get a bouquet at the specified time.

It is worth noting that, in addition to choosing the size of the bouquet, KROKUS customers can also order urgent cheap flower delivery same day in Riga (Latvia). This service becomes particularly urgent if you accidentally forgot to buy a bouquet in time or wish to arrange a sudden pleasant surprise to the gifted.

How to make a cheap same day flower delivery in Riga (Latvia)?

If you want to order an urgent delivery of a bouquet at the address in Riga (Latvia), the optimal solution will be to contact the online shop KROKUS. At the stage of ordering, select the desired date and time of receipt of the arrangement or use the bouquet delivery service to the exact time. In addition, you can order flowers at night, however, please note that this service is chargeable.

Many customers are interested in the question: "Where can I find a shop with cheap flower delivery near me?" The answer is simple - it's KROKUS. Indeed, you can make an order from almost anywhere in the world, while sitting at a computer or using a smartphone. You will not find the nearest place to buy flowers!

Other advantages of online delivery of flowers from KROKUS

● the possibility to track the order.

 ● receiving a photo report on the delivery of the bouquet to the recipient.

 ● an opportunity to see how the ordered bouquet looks before it is sent.

 ● large selection of gifts, additions and accessories to flowers, including soft toys, balloons, holiday candles, greeting cards, sweets, fruits and berries, souvenirs, wine, rose petals, vases, baskets, caps, pipes and much more.

So, if you do not know where to buy a bouquet of flowers to congratulate a loved one, you will not find a better place than the online shop KROKUS. To make an order on our website is very simple. It is enough just to add the goods to the shopping cart, specify the contact information of the recipient, as well as the time and place of delivery of the bouquet. The rest of the work on creating a fantastic flower masterpiece and handing it over to the gifted within the specified time will be taken over by the specialists of our company. In addition, if you have difficulties in applying online, you can easily call the manager of KROKUS at the specified phone to receive a free consultation on the choice of a bouquet, as well as help in making a purchase.

How to order flowers online cheap in Riga? The answer is simple - of course, to contact the online shop KROKUS! We will provide you with the best choice of any flowers and bouquets, as well as pleasant prices and delivery services of the compositions to any city in Latvia.

You can order cheap and quality flowers (Riga) from us. Although our bouquets are cheap, their quality is no different from their more expensive counterparts. We use fewer flowers for these bouquets, but we still choose only the finest flowers for you. You can buy flowers for 10 euros (Riga) or order bouquets for 15 euros maximum in Riga. It is cheap, fast, and pleasant.

How to order flowers online cheap in Riga?

It is worth to think about a present in the form of a bouquet to make congratulation on the holiday solemn and memorable. The Internet shop KROKUS will help with a choice of a composition. We offer our customers to orderflowersfordeliveryonline cheap in Riga and all over Latvia. Besides, you can do it without leaving your home! Among the advantages of buying a bouquet in our shop are:

  • adequate prices for all compositions;
  • fast processing of orders;
  • individual approach to each client;
  • professional work of florists and couriers;
  • ability to choose the size of any bouquet;
  • free consultation on the selection of flowers.

What orderflowersfordeliveryonline in Latvia cheap?

The catalog of our online shop presents a wide range of bouquets and compositions from budget variants to premium-class. If you want to order flowers for delivery online cheap in Riga or in another part of Latvia, then turn attention to:

  • tulips;
  • gerbera;
  • hyacinths;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • irises;
  • hydrangeas;
  • carnations;
  • orchids;
  • alstroemerias;
  • meadow flowers.

Besides, you can order flowers online delivery in Riga and all over Latvia cheap from the category of luxury goods. For example luxurious roses, a large bouquet of which costs a lot. However, on our site there is a choice of the size of the composition in accordance with the planned budget. In order to use it, it is sufficient to indicate the amount that you have and the florist will perform the order in accordance with your financial possibilities.

How else can one order flowers online cheap in Riga (Latvia)?

You can save the budget in another way. For example, you decided to order flowers for mother's day online in Riga. For this, it is not necessary at all to make a purchase on a holiday, as an urgent delivery of a bouquet will require additional costs. Pay your order 2-3 days before the solemn date, and on the appointed day just come and take the flowers yourself. Thus, you will save extra money and personally hand flowers to your mother, which will undoubtedly please her.

What do you need to make an order?

To make an order for an inexpensive and stylish flower composition, as well as its delivery to any part of Latvia, go to the page of the article you like and choose the optimal size of the bouquet according to your budget. After that, add the flowers to the shopping cart and go to filling out a special form, where you will indicate your contacts, the time and the place of thedelivery of the bouquet. You can pay for the purchase in any convenient way. Besides, you can call the manager of the company at the specified phone to get a free consultation on the choice of a bouquet, as well as help in ordering.

The cheapest bouquets with delivery in Riga and Latvia. Beautiful flowers for 15 euros maximum

Although flowers are a nice luxury bought by people whose financial capabilities are at high level, in some situations it’s important to choose cheap bouquets. Sometimes, a low price of flowers is a prerequisite for buying bouquets for corporate events, first dates, seasonal festive days, and other occasions.

The KROKUS studio is a team of experienced florists who always guarantees fresh, beautiful, and original floral arrangements. The policy of our company is customer-oriented. We understand that our customers' budget for buying flowers is often limited,  so we offer an opportunity to place inexpensive orders. For you, the main advantage of cooperating with us will always be our guaranteed quality even at the lowest price. Each flower in floral arrangements is fresh, beautiful, and undamaged. Ordering bouquets (Riga) is a possibility to both save money and bring joy to others.

We offer nice, inexpensive gifts lift the mood, congratulations for any occasion and interior design

It’s very important to buy cheap flowers when you don’t want to refuse from the magical atmosphere created by real flowers if your budget is limited. Irises, lavenders, roses, orchids. Everyone can buy these flowers for 10 euros maximum. Without them, it’s impossible to imagine any wedding decor, table decoration in the kitchen or in the office, chic atmosphere in the cafe.  You can save a lot on your purchase if your order self-pickup delivery or buy in bulk. A beautiful flower or a few small flowers offer a very romantic solution to make your declaration of love or simply to present a smile to a dear person. For birthdays and professional holidays, on March 8 and Valentine’s Day, a small unpretentious bouquet is regarded as a very nice, unobtrusive, and pleasant sign of attention that is really worth a lot.

To order a bouquet for 10 euros, you can use our online request form or call the company's experts. We treat each customer's request responsibly, so even one or a few small flowers will be carefully selected and delivered in their fresh condition. If you want, a bouquet can be complemented by a beautiful card with nice wishes or delivered anonymously. Cheap flowers from our company offer a wonderful solution to make small surprises to loved ones regularly and for no reason.

Delicate bouquets for 15 euros maximum: a small but pleasant joy during a corporate event or an important date

A small salary is not a reason to avoid making presents to dear ones, friends, and family. After all, neat bouquets offer the most convenient and affordable solution to make a holiday special amidst weekdays or make an ordinary day light and joyful. Presenting affordable bouquets, you can both  save money  and bring a good mood.

Choosing a gift for any holiday or for no reasons a very difficult job. It’s very difficult to guess what people want and what pleases them in this or that period of life. Many small presents are accepted only out of courtesy and they will go to lie somewhere in the closet in the near future. Therefore, a bouquet for 15 euros is the best alternative to any gift. It has its simple and clear role: delight and inspire, and it will be easily and naturally sent to the trash before the time when people get bored of it. It’s worth noting that such a gift has advantages in terms of environmental cleanliness. It doesn’t pollute the planet because it’s a natural element.

Among inexpensive bouquets and floral arrangements that will surely please the recipient, there are bright spring tulips of different colors, white, red, pink, yellow, and cream roses, shrub flowers on short stems, lovely freesias and delicate gerberas, fragrant lavenders, chrysanthemums and daisies, fresh delicate irises.

For a wedding decoration, it’s also very important to find affordable solutions. Since a big celebration is very expensive, you need to save carefully. If you choose neat and tidy fresh flowers to decorate the hall, this choice is very beneficial because natural plants perfectly fit the general symbolism of this celebration. A bracelet for a bride is also very affordable and beautiful. If it’s made from fresh orchids, it will be affordable and very attractive.

If you just need to make a formal gift, it should have the value that you don’t mind to invest in it. Flowers for 15 euros maximum in neat bouquets and floral arrangements are a very good solution. You can buy them from the KROKUS company at any time of the year.

Buy flowers easily and affordably from the KROKUS company

Our team is always available for you. We sell flowers and bouquets at low prices, so you can always make presents. We deliver original and unusual flowers and make unique floral arrangements so that you can surprise even the most sophisticated receivers. Our delivery is focused on helping in the most difficult moments because we deliver flowers within 3 hours after ordering. With the KROKUS company, you easily solve problems in preparing for the holiday in advance. Place orders a few days before a celebration, and fresh bouquets will be at the appointed place at the given time.

To buy a flower or a bouquet, choose the desired option in our big catalog. Book flower arrangement in any convenient manner. Our simple online order form is designed to let you fill out an application in just a few minutes. The query algorithm is very simple and intuitively understandable, so you can use it even while making your first order fro, us. If you prefer to buy via the phone, call us and we will accept your order. If it’s necessary, we provide a photo of the bouquet before its delivery, and you can also receive a report after its presentation to the recipient. With KROKUS,  buying flowers is always be simple and inexpensive.

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Order flowers online cheap and quality flowers with delivery in Riga from 7, 10 to 15 euros!

You can order flowers online cheap in just a few minutes! The catalog presents the freshest and aromatic flowers at a price from 7 to 15 euros. Orderflowersfordeliveryonline cheap in any quantity, saving your budget. Just click on the product you like and specify the desired number of flowers or one of the variants of bouquets. You can also call us at +371 200 303 06 to make an order. Order flowers online delivery in Riga, and in a few hours you will have a bouquet in your hands!

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