The most expensive bouquets in Riga. Order the best in our floral studio

Flower Studio Krokus offers the most expensive and exquisite bouquets in Riga. You will not only you surprise your loved ones, but also emphasize your high status

The most expensive bouquets with fast delivery in Riga and Latvia. The best floral arrangements for 100 euros minimum

Flowers of premium quality are not only a pleasant gift for your relatives and dear ones, but they’re also opportunity to show your status, express love, respect and trust without words. With a big and expensive bouquet that costs more than 100 euros, any birthday, wedding, anniversary greetings or declaration of love is spectacular and majestic.

The most expensive bouquet is not only a floral arrangement that costs a lot, but it also the one given honestly and with good words and warm wishes.

Expensive, chic, the best. Top 5 most expensive bouquets

You can order the most expensive bouquets in the best floral studio in Riga and Latvia– the KROKUS company. Among luxurious floral arrangements that cost a lot, you can find the best gift solution for your loved ones, colleagues, and relatives:

  • Bouquets of blue, red and white premium roses;
  • Big floral arrangements in the shape of a heart;
  • Big baskets with rare flowers;
  • Original Dutch tulips;
  • Graceful white callas.

With what to give expensive bouquets

The most expensive bouquet of flowers should be presented carefully and solemnly. You can send it anonymously because it’s a very noble, intriguing and romantic gesture. You should give them to declare love and make a proposal. That’s why you need to create a romantic atmosphere and don’t forget to say tender words.

The most expensive bouquets in the world can be given as an effective addition to a very chic gist, such as a new car, apartment or cottage.

You should buy expensive flowers for a really important event or for a very dear person. The reason to make such a present is an anniversary or a jubilee, a very pleasant event or an important achievement. Expensive flowers are  a perfect gift for your dear ones:

  • a wife who gave birth to your long-awaited baby;
  • a woman who agreed to become your wife;
  • a mother who gave birth to you;
  • a father who cared about you;
  • a friend who shared your life.

Buy conveniently and securely: KROKUS is the best online floral shop

You can buy an expensive bouquet of flowers on the website or by phone and order fast delivery in Riga, Latvia. Ordering and delivering flowers in Riga  from the Krokus company is the best solution. We guarantee the best design and freshness of flowers, nice and quality services, complete fulfillment of your wishes.

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The most expensive bouquets in Riga. Bouquets for 100 euros minimum

Do you want to buy the most expensive bouquet in Riga for the most important event or for very important people? We suggest you to choose one of our expensive bouquets. With this bouquet of flowers, you will not only surprise your loved ones, but you will also emphasize your high status.

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