Flower arrangement of orchid delivery to any address in Riga 💐🌹🌼❺

To buy an original bouquet of orchids delivery to any address of Riga and all over Latvia offers the best online floristic shop KROKUS offers.

Would you like to make an original gift to a dearest person? Then order orchid delivery in Riga or in any other city of Latvia, using the online service of the best online floristic shop - KROKUS.

Orchid delivery in Riga and all over Latvia

One of the most beautiful, unpretentious and original flowers is an orchid. It gained wide popularity not only among customers, but also breeders. Ease care for the plant, the ability to develop easily special kinds and varieties, a wide range of colours have always attracted the attention of florists.

In addition, a fanciful and unusual shape of a bud with thick petals, as well as a strong stem, where often grow from three to ten flowers and more, make an orchid one of the unique plants. That is why this flower is so often bought as a gift.

The online shop KROKUS is pleased to offer its customers address orchid delivery in Riga and other Latvian cities in the form of cut flowers, natural plants, as well as elements in chic designer’s arrangements from professional florists and designers.

Orchid flower delivery to Riga (Latvia) on favorable terms

Why is KROKUS the best place to order orchid flower delivery in Riga and all over Latvia? The answer is simple - only here you will find the largest assortment of types of these plants, adequate prices and wide opportunities for courier service.

In our catalog there are more than 25 bouquets and arrangements from orchids, and the assortment is constantly replenished with new and unique works of our specialists. Among the most striking examples of orchid bouquet delivery in Riga and all over Latvia it is necessary to mark out:

● an arrangement "Happiness", made from fresh pink flowers in a natural wicker basket;

 ● a bouquet "Ariana", made from delicate white-beige orchids, decorative plants, stylish paper wrapper and cream ribbons;

 ● an arrangement "Elizabeth", consisting not only of bright orchids, but also chic roses;

 ● flowers in the basket "Melody", bouquets in hatboxes, wedding bracelets from fresh flowers, etc.


Want to make a gift in the form of a natural flower? Then order orchid plants for delivery placed in a pot, in Riga or in any other city of Latvia. Every fan of floristics will be happy to get this gift. Due care will allow the plant to bloom for many years and please the owner. Among the orchid plants for delivery in Riga (Latvia), presented in our shop, customers can order blue, white, pink, red, green, violet, and also two-coloured types of flowers with fanciful stripes, bright specks and in a variety of bud forms.

Note also that in KROKUS you can choose yourself the size of the desired arrangement, complement it with any gift, souvenir, sweet treats and even fresh fruits or berries!

Terms of orchid flower arrangements delivery to Riga and other cities of Latvia

It's time to talk about why it is beneficial to buy flowers in KROKUS. The fact is that only our company offers the delivery of fresh plants at a good price to any part of the country. If you want to receive a bouquet of flowers in Riga in 2-3 days after making your order, we will bring you the arrangement absolutely free! Orchid same day delivery in Riga or next day orchid delivery in Latvia are urgent orders and raises its total cost by 10 euros.

Do you want to send a bouquet to the address in Vecmilgravis, Bolderaya or Jugla? We will bring fresh flowers to these areas for only 5 euros! Recipients from Marupe and Jurmala can order the delivery of orchids for only 10 euros, and for residents of remote parts of Latvia there is a single tariff - 25 euros.

In addition, the courier service offers the customers a wide range of services, such as:

● night orchid same day delivery in Riga;

 ● anonymous delivery of flowers to any address in Latvia;

 ● delivery of bouquets and arrangements without the address of the recipient (by phone number);

 ● photo report of the delivery of flowers;

 ● preview of the arrangement before sending and much more.

Agree, such favorable conditions and types of delivery cannot be found in any flower shop in Riga and all over Latvia.

How to make an order?

Do you want to order next day orchid delivery in Riga or in another city in Latvia? It is very easy to do this! Go to the catalog of goods, choose the desired arrangement, specify the desired size of the bouquet, add it with a gift or postcard (if you desire) and pay for the goods in one of convenient ways. After that, all the work on creating a luxurious flower arrangement and its presentation to the gifted will be taken over by the specialists of the company KROKUS. If you have difficulties in ordering online, just call the manager of our shop at the specified number. In addition, you can get a free consultation on the choice of flowers, as well as help in making a purchase.

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To order orchids delivery to Riga. A beautiful bouquet at a good price.

The freshest orchids delivery to any address of Riga and all over Latvia are offered by the best floristic studio of the capital KROKUS. In the catalog of our goods you will find beautiful arrangements, supplemented with decorative plants, textile ribbons and other accessories. In KROKUS you can arrange same day orchid delivery and get a bouquet in 2-3 hours. You can order orchid flower delivery to the house of the recipient on our website or by calling +371 200 303 06. Applications are accepted twenty-four-hour!

The picture corresponds to the packaging arrangement


Small Consists of 17 flowers and ornamental plants 17 flowers and ornamental plants 17 element
Standard Consists of 29 flowers and ornamental plants 29 flowers and ornamental plants 29 element
Big Consists of 37 flowers and ornamental plants 37 flowers and ornamental plants 37 element
Large Consists of 57 flowers and ornamental plants 57 flowers and ornamental plants 57 element
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The composition of the bouquet may differ slightly from the one shown in the picture, depending on the season!



At your request, we will take a photo of the recipient at the moment of receiving flowers and send you SMS and e-mail.
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Vadim pilsnenieks is rating a bouquet in 5
, Norway
23.10.2017 12:36
Jevgenia Saponari is rating a bouquet in 5
Очень благодарна за прекрасный сервис! Прислали СМС когда начали выполнять заказ, когда курьер был в пути к доставщику и непосредственно, когда букет доставили - тебе не надо даже переживать и беспокоится, тебя постоянно держат в курсе всего!! за это огромное спасибо!
Букет был необычайно красив! подобраны красивые тона и цветы были очень свежими! спасибо еще раз! Советую всем!
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