Order of flower delivery 24 hours at the address in Riga and other Latvian cities

Fast flower delivery 24 hours a day to any address in Riga (Latvia). Congratulate your colleagues, bosses or the whole staff on a holiday!

Order of flower delivery 24 hours at the address in Riga and other Latvian cities. Arrangement of the order for flower delivery 24 hours to the address in Riga or any other corner of Latvia from the best floristic online shop of designer's compositions and chic bouquets KROKUS. Would you like to send a bouquet to a loved one in Riga (Latvia)? Then pay attention to the services of flower delivery 24 hours from the best online floristic studio KROKUS.

Flower delivery 24 hours in Riga and all over Latvia

The best online floristic studio KROKUS is happy to welcome visitors of its official website. Here you can not only choose and buy a chic bouquet or a flower arrangement at the best price, but also order a flower delivery 24 hours to the address in Riga or any other city in Latvia. Thanks to many years of experience in the capital market, as well as well thought-out logistics, we ensure that sending and receiving flowers by the customer as soon as possible. In addition, having specialized equipment for the transportation of plants, we guarantee that every customer will receive the freshest and brightest flowers unharmed.

Possibilities of flower delivery buy 24 hours in Riga (Latvia)

One of the strongest aspects of our company is the service of prompt delivery of flowers online riga. Couriers provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even on weekends and holidays. Agree, you are unlikely to find a service of this level in an ordinary flower shop. In addition, the company KROKUS offers customers extensive opportunities for the delivery of flowers, in accordance with the wishes of customers.

● Anonymous delivery. This service is perfect for those who want to supplement their gift with intrigue and give it some mystery. Send the bouquet of flowers anonymously and the courier will deliver it to the recipient, keeping your name in secret.

 ● Delivery to the exact time. Did you plan a solemn delivery of flowers at the event? Then order the delivery of the bouquet exactly in time and we will bring it fresh and fragrant at the appointed time.

 ● Delivery without the address of the recipient. Want to send flowers to a new friend, but do not know her address? Make an order for delivery of the bouquet by phone number. The courier will call the gifted himself and agree where and when it will be convenient for her to take the composition.

 ● Festive delivery. The best gift is the one that is handed in on time. Congratulate your loved ones on Christmas, Easter, March 8, St. Valentine's Day or any other holiday, ordering flowers on that day.

 ● Night bouquet delivery. Even in the dark time our courier service gives the flowers to the recipient. If you want to surprise your lover, then order the night delivery of the bouquet directly to her home.

In addition, the online shop KROKUS offers its customers additional services, such as a photo report on the delivery of a bouquet, informing about the progress of the order and previewing the photo of the arrangement before it is sent to the recipient.

Flower delivery cost 24 hours in Riga (Latvia)

The flower shop 24 hours price depends on the urgency of the order, the customer's address and the time of receiving a bouquet. For example, a flower delivery night, express or to the exact time in Riga (Latvia) will cost 10 euros. To send a bouquet to areas such as Vecmilgravis, Bolderaya and Jugla will cost 5 euros. Receiving flowers in the cities of Marupe and Jurmala will require an additional 10 euros. And the customers from other corners of Latvia can use delivery services of KROKUS for only 25 euros. And most importantly, the residents of the capital can use the delivery services from our floristic studio absolutely free of charge!

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Flower delivery 24 hours for a collective celebration or a celebration

To make an original present for the whole team is possible with the help of a chic bouquet of flowers. Studio KROKUS offers flower delivery 24 hours a day for any event, corporate or collective holiday. Order flower best delivery cost 24 hours in Riga and all over Latvia by filling an application on the website or simply by calling the operator of the online shop at +371 200 303 06. The courier will deliver flowers directly to the office, restaurant or cafe on time, with your congratulations and best wishes.

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